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Les 7 iles - Bretagne


Off the coast of Perros-Guirec emerges the archipelago of seven islands, the largest ornithological reserve of France.

The stars of the 7 Islands in Perros-Guirec offer trips at sea to the Sept-îles archipelago, the pink granite coast and the island of Brehat. All an ocean of discovery and relaxation in one of the most beautiful sites of Brittany.

Perros Guirec

In the heart of the Pink Granite Coast, Perros-Guirec offers you a protected natural site of exceptional beauty, an unusual and grandiose landscape where the land and the sea are dotted with pink granite rocks with shapes cut out by the wind and waves for thousands of years … Natural heritage: The archipelago of the 7 Islands, Fort Vauban, the landes of Ploumanac’h, the Traouïéro Valley … Information: Tourist Office 02 96 23 21 15.


Le Sentier des Douaniers, these walks allow you to discover the great site of Ploumanac’h at nightfall, under the starry sky. Les Landes de Ploumanac’h: Maison du Littoral Chemin du Phare 02 96 91 62 77 Large natural site protected by the Conservatoire du Littoral and the town of Perros-Guirec. Impressive with its heaps of pink granite, some of which reach twenty meters in height, the Sentier des Douaniers is one of the most beautiful walks in the region (pink granite, moors, gorse, heather). Guided tours from June to September and on request. Information: Tourist Office 02 96 23 21 15.


Lannion has a seafront and offers natural and wild landscapes. Between Mont St-Michel and Pointe du Raz, on the magnificent northern coast of Brittany, bordered by the spectacular chaos of Granit Rose and the rocky cliffs, the bay of Lannion unfolds its charms in the heart of Trégor. Nestled in the Léguer valley, the bay of Lannion offers the pleasures of all Brittany. Tourism info: the local market takes place on Thursdays.


Tréguier draws its main wealth from its religious past and its medieval heritage, in particular its 15th century Gothic cathedral, seat of the tomb of Saint Yves. A small town of eminently tourist character with its half-timbered houses, alleys, squares, but also its marina, its E. Renan museum, its exhibitions, it also offers all the amenities sought today for well-being. … Tourist info: the Tréguier market takes place on Wednesdays.


A castle in a park, a park in a site. In the heart of Trégor, the castle dominates the banks of the Trieux, the last witness of a chain of defensive sites built between Pontrieux and the archipelago of Bréhat. The park covers more than 70 hectares. Conquered by the forest after the great storm of 1987, it is the result of ten years of work: a contemporary park, of medieval inspiration, it offers visitors the opportunity of a poetic and marvelous escape… Like an eagle observing prey , The Château de La Roche-Jagu stands on the cliff overlooking a curve of the Trieux.


In the heart of the country of Trégor-Goëlo, between the island of Bréhat and the pink granite coast with the archipelago of 7 islands, the Pays des Trois Rivières is a veritable showcase of unspoiled nature, with its maritime facade and its exceptional panoramas. enchant you with its naturalness and authenticity. The municipality of Plougrescant has several islands that are classified today: the island of Er, the island of Evinec, the island of Itron-Maria, the island Loaven, the Île Verte and the Kerlaben islands. To see: the Gouffre de Plougrescant, a great diversity of environments on a protected site.


A stone’s throw from Paimpol, embark from the tip of Arcouest to the island of Bréhat, aptly named “the island of flowers”, a real immersion in another world! Île de Bréhat is in fact made up of two main islands (north and south) linked together by a bridge. You disembark at Port Clos on the south island. Other small islands are also scattered around the island but not accessible on foot such as Ile Beniguet or Logodec. A paradise for walkers, Bréhat is crisscrossed by multiple flowery paths. The island covers 310 hectares (3.5 km by 1.5 km) and is home to 470 inhabitants in winter, 5,000 in summer (no car on Bréhat!).


In the north of Brittany in the Côtes d’Armor department, TREGASTEL is a renowned family resort, located in the heart of the Côte de Granit Rose in the Trégor. The 17 km of very jagged coastline where fine sandy beaches, creeks and chaos of rocks alternate, are bordered by islets that are discovered at low tide while the hinterland is home to wooded valleys, and in particular the Traouïéro Valley: Wooded valley, granite chaos, caves, great botanical wealth, mosses and ferns.

(Guided tours from June to September). To see: the aquarium of Trégastel.


The Land of Icelanders and Big Fishing… Facing the sea, the land of Paimpol has kept the memory of Icelanders and Terre Neuvas. The ports of the Goëlo coast are like its fine sandy beaches and cliffs, the highest in Brittany. Divided between sea and river, you just have to walk a few kilometers through the Leff Valley to discover the soul of this country. To see: La Vieille Tour (This is the old church of Paimpol. Nearby in the Botrel square is a monument in memory of the author of the famous Paimpolaise). The church “Notre Dame de Bonne Nouvelle” (The organ dates from the beginning of the 20th century. It was restored in 1986. Two paintings come from the Abbey of Beauport. The first represents St Augustin showing the rule to St Norbert. The other represents the “Last Supper”).


The City of Lannion lives to the rhythm of its secular Thursday market… The Trégorrois converge on this large traditional market. Early on Thursday morning, street vendors set up shop throughout the city center. The products of the mouth are displayed by the producers of the region on the Place du Général Leclerc, the rue Jean Savidan and the Cie Barbé. On the quai d’Aiguillon, rue Le Taillandier, rue des Chapelier, the other merchants take their places for the whole day. Every Sunday, Caërphilly car park market from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Local markets: Monday morning: Trégastel / Tuesday morning: Trébeurden / Wednesday morning: Ile Grande and Tréguier / Thursday all day: Lannion / Friday morning: Perros-Guirec / Saturday morning: La Clarté and Pleumeur-Bodou / Sunday: Plestin-les-Grèves.